Marching Band Uniforms

Marching Band Uniforms

The Marching Colonels have uniforms that students will wear for all public performances and appearances. Students will be fitted for these uniforms during spring and summer camp days and rehearsals. Students will be provided a blue dry fit shirt to wear for parades and a different dry fit shirt that will be worn for marching competitions that is connected to our show theme for the year.

Students will be responsible for providing several additional uniform items that will be required on competition days. Please review the detailed information below for those requirements.

Several uniform items will be issued to your student. It is important that these items are taken care of throughout the season. These items will be stored in the Uniform Room at the High School and taken to competitions and other events as necessary. Students will be shown how to properly care for these uniforms, including specific instructions on how to hang uniform items prior to their first public performance. Charges for lost or damaged uniform items will be placed on each student account at the end of the season.

There is a set of guidelines that students must follow while in uniform. Please read carefully the Uniform Care and Guidelines section below. A list of items students should bring on performance days is included under the Performance Day Checklist.

Uniform Items to be Supplied by Student

Uniform Undergarments: Parents/Students are to provide their own TALL BLACK SOCKS, black shorts or leggings, and black shirt to wear underneath the band uniform. The shirt and shorts need to be tight fitting because these items will be worn underneath the fitted uniform. Socks MUST be solid black and long with no stripes, logos, etc.

Band Shoes: Marching band shoes are available for new members to purchase during band camp. Typically, students are able to wear the same pair of shoes through their entire 4 years with the marching band, but veteran students are able to purchase new shoes if needed during the summer months when the order is placed. Approximate cost is around $40.

Hair: On competition days, we will wear Shakos (hats). All hair must be inside of the shako while wearing it in order to look uniform as a group. All supplies necessary to keep hair in the Shako is the responsibility of the student. Hair ties, bobby pins, and strong hold hair spray work well.

Show Shirt: Students will be provided a show shirt that is to be worn to ALL marching band competitions. This shirt will be worn at competitions at all times when not in full uniform. Show shirts will also be available for purchase by parents if they would like one to wear to competitions or to order an additional shirt for their child, which is encouraged to have an extra in the event that one is lost or dirty.

Pep Band Spirit Shirts: Students will be given a school shirt (usually blue) to wear to all football and basketball games as well as pep rallys. This shirt will be provided to students prior to the first game.

Uniform Care and Guidelines

  • Students CANNOT eat, drink, or chew gum while in a band or guard uniform.
  • Never put any part of the uniform on the ground when dressing/undressing in order to keep uniform parts clean.
  • Shoes should be kept clean.
  • Hair cannot hang outside of the Shako (hat).
  • No earrings or jewelry can be worn while in uniform.

Uniforms are stored at the high school in the uniform room. No uniforms are allowed off of school property except when transported with the band equipment to and from performances.

Performance Day Checklist

  • Band shoes (clean and polished)
  • Solid black crew or knee length socks
  • Black compression/bike shorts or leggings (undergarments)
  • Black shirt
  • Show shirt
  • Hair supplies to ensure hair is able to be put up into Shako (hat).

What if I forgot something? The Band Uniform Officers have a limited amount of items on the uniform trailer to borrow and return. Talk with one of the Uniform Officers immediately to see if they have the item you need.

Download a pdf of this information HERE.